Vincent Van Gogh: From Arles to Auvers

Van Gogh arrived in Arles in February 1888 with the idea of founding a studio of the south. His time there was exceptionally productive, producing many dozens of paintings, drawings and watercolours (Night Cafe, Starry Night, Sunflowers). A very broke Gauguin joined him for two months in October. During this period some great art was produced but their turbulent relationship culminated in Van Gogh cutting off his own ear. A period in an asylum at Saint-Rémy produced many pictures of both clinic and garden. In May 1890 Van Gogh moved to Auvers-sur-Oise, home town of the famous Dr. Gachet. It was here in July that he died aged ……..and was laid to rest. His brother Theo did not survive for long and was eventually laid to rest next to him.

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