Tragedy and Triumph: The heroic age of Antarctic exploration

Three famous explorers dominate the story of early Antarctic exploration: Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton. We will focus on their expeditions from 1902 – 1912, including the race to the Pole between Scott and Amundsen. Herbert Ponting’s photographs and Edward Wilson’s water colours provide a visual and evocative record of this frozen world and these early pioneering expeditions into the unknown.

On Shackleton’s third expedition south in 1914, his ship, the Endurance, was trapped in the pack ice and crushed. After camping for months on the ice, Shackleton’s men rowed to a remote island. From there, Shackleton sailed for help to South Georgia over 800 miles away, later returning to rescue his men. Frank Hurley was the expedition’s official photographer. We will follow his photographs of this epic journey, which capture eloquently one of the greatest survival stories of polar history.

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This course finished on 27 June 2020