Rome from the Renaissance to Mussolini

We will look at the city of Rome as a work of art exploiting the relationship between the assertion of power, the articulation of religious faith and the changing appearance the city from late Middle Ages through to Mussolini’s failed imperial project.

What topics will this course cover?

  1. Modern Perspectives of Rome. The Return from Avignon. The Renaissance Papacy. Organising the City of Rome. The Sack of Rome.
  2. The Development of St Peters and the Vatican.
  3. The Counter Reformation and the age of the Baroque. Baroque Town Planning in Rome.
  4. Eighteenth century Rome. The secular pilgrimage.
  5. The nineteenth century. Rome in the age of nationalism and liberalism.
  6. The First World War and after. Mussolini and the new Roman Empire.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Identify the aims of the Renaissance Papacy
  2. Identify the phases in the development of St Peters Basilica
  3. Describe the role of 18th century Rome in elite European cultural developement
  4. Identify Mussolin’s contribution to the image of modern Rome

Reading and information sources

Book list will be given out at first session.

Course Details

This course finished on 03 April 2017