Keep taking the Stanzas: Poetry and Wellbeing

Research has shown that poetry is good for you, whether it’s reading it, writing it or learning it by heart.  We shall focus on poetry’s healing properties and discuss a variety of poems that have the power to lift our spirits.

We’ll be covering the following topics;-

1. Links between creativity and wellbeing, especially in relation to poetry (John Donne, Robert Lowell, Ted Hughes et al).
2. Poetry’s healing properties: the pleasures of metre and rhyme; poems that make us laugh or cry; poetry as a way of connecting with each other.
3. Why poetry matters: heightened language/language at its most ceremonious

Poems will be provided.  No prior reading is required.  There are a number of poetry anthologies built around the theme of wellbeing, and some of the poems we’ll be discussing can be found in The Emergency Poet, edited by Deborah Alma (Michael O’Mara Books, 2015).

Course Details

This course finished on 04 July 2020