Germany after the Wall

Find out how Germany changed when the Berlin Wall came down, how Angela Merkel and her two predecessors dealt with major social and economic challenges – and how Germans in these uncertain times are building train stations!

The course will explore what it meant for Germans to come together after the Cold War, and whether this has really worked – or whether the country is still divided. We will look at how governments and ordinary citizens handled the major turning points of the past three decades, including reforms of the welfare and immigration systems and the energy sector. We will examine changes in the way political parties set themselves up against each other, and how conflicts can be solved with or without politicians.

German language skills are not required. For each topic we’ll start with op-ed cartoons (yes, German humour!) and photos, and by the end you’ll know at least a few key (long!) words – think “Germany in 5 Words.”

Course Details

This course finished on 16 May 2020