Empires: Part 1 – The Classical Era

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This day school will explore the history of Eurasian Empires up to the end of the Classical Age. We will cover a vast expanse of time and space, beginning with the World’s first Empires in Mesopotamia, such as Babylonia and Assyria; these were eventually incorporated into the huge Persian Empire of Cyrus the Great, and then conquered in turn by Alexander (also ‘the Great’!). We will learn about the Phoenicians who traded both goods and ideas around the Mediterranean, and how their decline ushered in the rise of the Roman Empire; concurrently, thousands of miles to the east, the Han Chinese were building an Empire of comparable size and power.

We will explore how all these Empires rose, interacted, functioned, and fell, and how they laid the basis for the modern day.

Part 2 – The Modern Era will follow next term as a second stand alone day course.

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This course finished on 02 December 2023