Doris Hatt and Rosa Bonheur

Two remarkable women artists: Doris Hatt, a modernist working in Clevedon, and animal painter Rosa Bonheur, the most successful of the 19th-century.

DORIS HATT (1890-1969) was a remarkable woman who lived in Clevedon for much of her life. A recent exhibition of her work in Taunton was a catalogue sell-out. Her brand of European modernism was applied to scenes around Clevedon, and her pictures display a fine use of colour and form. A fascinating life story.

ROSA BONHEUR (1822-99) has an equally compelling life history. She was a painter of animals in nineteenth-century France, and had her own menagerie. She painted horses, cows, lions and dogs, and Queen Victoria had a private viewing of her most famous work ‘The Horse Fair’ (1852-55). The most popular female artist of the 19th-century!

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