Chris Sperring MBE may be known to some for his work in Wildlife Conservation for which he was awarded the M.B.E by the Queen in 2001. Chris also presents on TV and Radio bringing his enthusiasm for the natural world to audiences. Chris also writes many articles, and lectures to many groups on natural history and astronomy. In his spare times, he writes and records his own music.

Chris has had a lifelong passion for the night sky as well and has delivered his easy guide to the night sky for many years, obviously as new information comes to light this is added into his course and these are indeed exciting times for new discoveries in Astronomy.

The course is like a trip through the cosmos, we start in week one in our solar system (our back garden) as Chris calls it. Week 2 we explore our near stellar neighbourhood, in week three we look in detail at the lifestyle of the stars themselves going into detail about life and death, and in week four we look at our Galaxy and beyond into the universe and stare back at the beginning of time. During these sessions, Chris will provide the guide to the night sky and each week your own knowledge will increase of how to identify the constellations and planets that fill the night sky above us. As Chris says “you will get homework with this course” but don’t worry its fun homework you will be asked to go out in the evening look up and put into practice some of your new skills.

Course Details

This course is running from 18 April 2024 until 9 May 2024.
The next session is on 25/04/2024 10:30 am