Clevedon Adult Studies Association

We are group of people who enjoy learning,
just for the fun of it.

We do not need qualifications, exams or league tables.
We want learning to be a social, pleasant and encouraging activity.

CASA was started in 2012 to run these kinds of courses.

In January 2019 CASA obtained Registered Charity status (No. 1181771).

Who are they for?
The courses are suitable for people who
are happy to have their rusty brain cells lubricated and exercised.

What are the courses?
Courses range from day schools, to two hour sessions over four or six weeks.

What are they like?
Our aim is for them to be:
informative and fun;
open to all comers;
free from exams;
encouraging audience participation;

What subjects are covered?
Topics include:
art history;
science and

Where are they held?
In meeting rooms. Group size varies according to the nature of the course.
Numbers are set to ensure a comfortable learning environment
and to allow ample opportunity for discussion,
debate and participation.

Who runs and presents them?
Professional tutors are engaged to provide the courses.

What is the course fee?
The fee for each course, shown on the course listing, is used to pay the tutor and hire the venue.
It is kept as low as is feasible since we do not seek to make a profit.  For those on income related benefits, courses may be free.

What do people say about us?
Click here to read some quotes from our students’ feedback.